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Online coaching and programming that helps you become the best weightlifter you can be.

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Get stronger and gain confidence.


Become successful at something you love.


Develop positive training habits.

Life doesn’t have to get in a way.

We believe that no matter your goal, you should have access to elite coaching that allows you to be your best. ‍We believe that if you are investing time and energy into something, that you should give it your all. Don’t waste time following generic programmes on the internet, and find a plan that fits your life, your commitments, your time.
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What we offer

Personalised Training Plan

A personalised training plan, that fits your hat fits your life, your commitments, your time. We create the plan specifically for you and your goals.

1-to-1 Personal Coach

A personal coach that provides regular training feedback, and a coach that is dedicated to your progress and helping you reach your goals.

Community Support

You are not alone. You are part of a team, and the TSN community that are here to support you every step of the way.

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Cut the nonsense out of training, and follow a plan designed around you, to get the best results.


10 years ago, I embarked on a journey that would change my life. I was young, confused but bursting with energy. Then I was introduced to weightlifting, I tried it and fell in love. This was the sport I was looking for, easy to track progress, competition with myself alone and opportunity to be the best version of myself.‍In this time, I have won medals at a number of major international competitions, notably completing my European set which includes European Youth, Junior, U23 and Senior medals in 2019. TSN Strength is an embodiment of my passion to help others experience the feeling, I have been blessed within the sport. My experience in coaching sports started at the age of 16 and has been something I have actively been developing alongside my professional career. I believe it important for all athletes to have a full and enjoyable experience in the sport, and be supported throughout. - Mercy, Owner and Head Coach of TSN Strength


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  • 4. Let's execute the plan together.
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Excellent personalised coaching in all aspects of training for the best possible outcome of my training.

- Kent

Couldn’t recommend TSN Strength enough. The programming and feedback are great, and I like how I get consistent support especially when motivation is low.

- Becca Anti

I’ve been working with TSN for nearly 2-3 months now, I chose them because I knew they could help me build on a base I already have to reach my full potential, as well as preparing for an international competition during the lockdown.

- Omarie
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